What Therapy Programs Should Our Family Consider?

Residential habilitations services provide the support someone with a disability needs within a home setting, outside in the community, at work, and in a school setting. One aspect of residential habilitation is a therapy program that improves mental, physical and emotional wellness.

When you arrange these services, specialized options like therapy programs emerge. Learn more about recreation and music therapy and see if it’s the right fit for your family member.

Music Therapy

The Beth Israel Medical Center in Massachusetts studied the benefits of music with premature infants in the neonatal ICU. In this study, 272 infants were exposed to different types of music:

  • Lullabies sung by the parents
  • A Gato box that played a rhythm similar to the heartbeat
  • An instrument created by Remo Drum Company that mimicked womb sounds

All three lowers the infants’ heart rates, but lullabies had the most profound effects. Plus, music also helped reduce the parents’ stress levels. That’s just one of many studies on the benefits of music therapy. Music is found to ease pain, boost immune function, and reduce anxiety.

A music therapy session that’s part of home care therapy helps with focus and relaxation skills. It can boost muscle response, which improves movements and mobility. It also helps promote a healthy emotional response and reduces pain. All of these benefits can help with physical and learning disabilities. It also benefits children who are on the spectrum and struggle with emotional control and focus.

Recreation Therapy

A recreation therapy program is another way to help your son or daughter with communication, fine motor skills, socialization, and emotional responses. Through the use of art therapy, games, pet therapy, and social activities, interactions both inside and outside the home are learned.

It can help a child on the spectrum learn better communication skills in a school setting. Recreation therapy helps with hand-eye coordination and memory skills. Other benefits include learning how to cope with change, improving how well one pays attention, and working on orientation skills.

Therapy services as part of residential habilitation are one way to help someone succeed both inside and outside the home. Make arrangements to have your child work with trained professionals on the best ways to manage frustration, avoid fear and anxiety, and succeed in school or at work.

It’s easy to make arrangements. Complete an online form or call a specialist to learn more about the pricing and care plan that will help your child succeed.


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Etelka Froymovich