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RSI serves individuals holistically by focusing on social, emotional, and spiritual needs. We offer music therapy, recreation therapy, and behavior services to people with varying levels of disability. Each individual receives care from a specialist who helps them be successful at home, school, work, and in the community.

Recreation Therapy

Fun play and activities can improve physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Our Recreation Therapy program is implemented and managed by a certified therapeutic recreation specialist who assists participants in meeting their goals through games, sensory integration, role play, social activity, fine and gross motor activity, pet therapy, music and art interventions, and various other recreational opportunities.

The benefits of Recreation Therapy include:

  • Increased learning of adaptive recreation skills
  • Improved attention span, memory, perception, hand/eye coordination & orientation
  • Development of Leisure Skills
  • Improved Coping Abilities
  • Increased valuable life skills for successful integration into home, school, and community based activities

Music Therapy

Music has a positive and healing effect for everyone. It’s a powerful tool that can stimulate, yet decrease anxiety and help center a person’s attention, opening the mind for increased learning. Musical rhythm stimulates and organizes muscle responses, helps improve physical skills, and promotes an overall emotional wellbeing.

RSI’s music therapy promotes:

  • Easier learning through relaxation & increased focus
  • Improved muscle response & physical skills
  • Relaxation and decrease in physical pain
  • Emotional release & improved self-esteem