How Can Behavior Support Management Help Families?

Behavior Support Management in Greenfield IN
Behavior Support Management in Greenfield IN

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities may become easily frustrated. With the help of a behavior support management specialist, your family member receives positive support to improve their quality of life and lower the frequency of outbursts and behaviors that can be disruptive.

How does behavior support management work? To better understand this service, take a look at some different situations where support management is used.

At Home

You struggle to connect with your child at home. The outbursts are worsening, and you know you can’t respond to your child’s anger with yelling or scolding. You just aren’t sure what to do, however. With the help of a behavior support expert, you’ll learn skills that help you better understand how to work with your child.

Schools and Classrooms

Your daughter has autism spectrum disorder. She struggles to look at people who are talking to her, and she rarely makes eye contact. As a result, her ability to hold a conversation and stay involved in activities is limited. She becomes easily frustrated when people don’t do what she wants.

It’s a problem in the classroom. Her teachers routinely have to stop the class to calm your daughter. You’re looking for a better way to involve her in a school setting without her being disruptive.

Behavior support management can help her work on communication skills. With positive reinforcement, she learns skills needed to join in group activities and learn how to handle her frustration to avoid outbursts. This type of support can make school a happier place for your daughter.


Your adult son has intellectual disabilities that make it hard for him to do things like shop for groceries. He becomes easily agitated while communicating his wishes to the deli, butcher, and bakery employees. It usually leads to him walking out and not buying any of the groceries he wanted.

With a behavior support management expert by his side, he can learn how to turn a frustrating shopping trip into a successful one. He’ll have someone to guide him into completing a task, gain positive reinforcement when he completes a chore and enjoys the feeling of accomplishment when he’s gotten everything on his list.

Talk to a behavior support management specialist. With a customized care plan, your son or daughter has the support needed to thrive, even when you’re all experiencing frustration, sadness, or anger and finding it hard to avoid an outburst or hurt feelings. A calmer, happier environment makes everyone enjoy their time together.

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Etelka Froymovich