As part of supporting your family member in all areas of her life, your family member’s habilitation provider might recommend something called Wellness Coordination. This program can help your family member to manage her health and wellness in conjunction with her needs. This involves her overall health beyond just regular routine doctor’s visits. All of this can feel like a lot, which is why Wellness Coordination makes life simpler for your family member and for you.

Wellness Coordination Services Defined

Wellness Coordination involves making and following a plan that supports a person’s healthcare needs. These types of services are usually services beyond just going to the doctor or to the dentist. There are different levels of coordination that your family member might qualify to receive. There is a lot of information that needs to be collected during this process, and that can feel intimidating at first.

It Starts with a Wellness Coordination Plan

To start, your family member is assessed in terms of whether she qualifies for Wellness Coordination services. Afterward, she’s given a health score which helps to determine the level of Wellness Coordination services she should receive. There are lots of different variables that go into developing the plan and calculating the health score.

Health History Is Documented Thoroughly

Part of developing the Wellness Coordination plan and managing it going forward involves thoroughly documenting your family member’s health history. This might involve collecting doctor’s records and getting information about other health issues, like collecting dental histories.

Information like your family member’s height and weight as well as any yearly physical exams, vaccinations, and other health information are all necessary.

Services Are Provided by a Nurse

Wellness Coordination services are provided by a nurse, either an RN or an LPN working directly under an RN. This helps to ensure that your family member’s Wellness Coordination plan is followed properly and that your family member is getting the help and the services that she needs. If additional risks are discovered or your family member’s health and wellness needs change, the nurse coordinating her plan can update that information and ensure that your family member gets what she now needs.
Residential habilitation services providers can help you to understand your family member’s needs for Wellness Coordination and can walk you and your family through what needs to happen. They can ensure that your family member’s Wellness Coordination plan is as accurate as possible on an ongoing basis.

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