What Factors Affect How Well Children with Developmental Disabilities Fare Later?

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Every parent has high hopes for their child’s future. It’s possible that after discovering your child has a developmental disability you worry that life won’t be easy. It helps to know that certain factors that you can play a part in may do a lot more for your child than you might have believed possible. Love and support go a lot farther than many people think.

The Type of Disability They’re Facing

The type of developmental disability the child has is going to be a big factor in later success. Children with Down syndrome are definitely able to find employment and be happy later in life. But if the disability is one that is much more difficult to work around or to find accommodations for, this can be discouraging and might even feel impossible.

How Severe the Disability Is

Everyone with a developmental disability is in a slightly different spot. There are certainly similarities, but no one with Down syndrome has the exact same skills and abilities at the same stage. There are big differences based on how severe the disability is. One person may be verbal and able to complete tasks with little or now help, while someone else may not be able to communicate verbally and may have significantly more difficulty accomplishing the same tasks.

The Types of Treatments and Therapies Received

When a developmental disability is recognized early, that gives parents, doctors, and schools a chance to intervene earlier with treatments and therapies that help children to manage their condition. Having help with therapies at home makes a big difference, too. Pediatric home care can be a huge part of ensuring that children are getting all of the assistance they need to master certain skills.

How Supported They’ve Been All Along

It’s important for everybody to feel supported, but it can be vital for children with developmental disabilities to feel as if they’re supported in all that they do. The attitudes of parents, teachers, and other people in their life really matter and can help to make socializing easier. That, in turn, can help children with developmental disabilities to grow up with a strong social network, which can be a key to success as an adult.

Every parent wants the best for their child, no matter what else is happening in life. Developmental disabilities may be a hurdle, but they don’t have to be an insurmountable hurdle. Behavior support management can help to organize the types of services that your child needs to improve their chances of success in the future. Consider behavior support management at the first sign of developmental setbacks or to further supplement your child’s needs.

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Etelka Froymovich