What Does Behavior Support Management Do?

For people with developmental disabilities, their behaviors are often more difficult to predict and to manage. That can lead to some really difficult situations that get out of hand quickly. One answer is to get some help with behavior support management. These types of services help to identify problems, establish goals for correcting those issues, and then practice the new behaviors.

Helps to Develop Communication Skills

Residential habilitation works to help individuals with disabilities to examine their existing communication skills and develop them further. Often those communication skills need repetition and reinforcement in order to become skills that your family member leans on in difficult situations. The techniques that might have been more common in the past, like yelling or throwing things, gradually reduce as those more effective communication skills are easier to express because of the practice.

Helps to Develop Coping Skills

Communication skills help a lot, but so do coping skills. When someone with developmental disabilities doesn’t have effective coping skills, tantrums and acting out become a bigger problem because that’s the only way that person feels they can express themselves. Coping mechanisms like self-soothing and recognizing triggers and responding in different ways can all go along way toward making life easier for everyone involved.

Gradually Assists in Decreasing the Recurrence of Certain Behaviors

Challenging behaviors interrupt so very much for your family member. With practice and attention to triggering events and situations it’s a lot easier to address what’s going on and to introduce more positive responses. Over time, these individual events and responses work together to help to reduce the likelihood that the challenging behaviors are the default responses from your family member.

Puts Together an Action Plan Based on Goals

Understanding triggers, identifying new coping mechanisms, and practicing alternative communication skills are all part of the action plan that residential habilitation services can help to put together for your family member. That plan relies on identifying and then working toward specific goals that you and your family member want to achieve. The plan may need adjusting occasionally as new goals are identified and achieved.

Behavior support management may be exactly what you and your family member need in order to identify and to put into place new strategies for dealing with challenging situations. The strategies and techniques that your family member learns are ones that can be applied throughout life, making every situation easier to cope with as it unfolds.

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Etelka Froymovich