Participant Assistance and Care, often abbreviated as PAC, is a part of residential habilitation services. Residential habilitation is a way for people with developmental disabilities to learn and to master skills that foster both independence and greater confidence. These services can help your family member to feel much better able to do even simple things that other people take for granted.

Offering Support and Care

The main goal of PAC is to offer support and assistance to your family member. The help that your family member needs may vary over time and from one situation to another. The beauty of PAC is that it can meet your family member where she is now and assist her in the ways that she needs most right at this given moment.

Help with Basic Skills

Basic skills, like getting up by a certain time, getting dressed, and general grooming, may still be difficult for your family member. That can be especially true if there’s a time limit involved that she’s not used to accommodating. These are skills that your family member is going to need for a long time to come, and it may be possible that she’s able to master them to the point of only needing occasional prompting and assistance.

Transfer Assistance to and from a Wheelchair

If your family member uses a wheelchair, or even another type of assistive device for mobility, she may need assistance transferring from her assistance device to bed and back. It can be difficult to master all of the different steps that have to be done properly in order to transfer safely.

Learning these steps in the right order and having the help that she needs keeps your family member as safe as possible.

Community Activities Assistance

Just because your family member has developmental challenges, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to be involved in the community activities going on around her. Having help, from transportation to communication assistance while out, can be a huge part of making those outings successful for your family member. She may find that she’s able to do things out in her community that she didn’t expect to be able to do.

Habilitation services are a huge part of ensuring that your family member’s quality of life is a priority. PAC is just one of the ways that they’re able to do that for her on a regular basis.

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