Residential habilitation is a service that helps people with developmental disabilities to learn and to master skills that they may not have been ready to learn until now. Habilitation offers the chance for as much repetition and practice as your family member needs in order to truly master the skills she needs. Her goals may involve improving her ability to be independent or simply learning how to do specific things. There’s no goal that’s truly too small.

Assisting with Health Monitoring

Very often people with developmental disabilities also have health concerns and needs that need both monitoring and intervention. Keeping track of physical changes and helping with medication compliance, mobility, and other concerns is crucial. This enables your family member to have the health support she needs to be able to focus on other things. When her health is managed properly, your family member is less likely to be distracted or uncomfortable, which makes a difference for her.

Teaching Socialization and Communication Skills

Communicating with other people and engaging properly in social interactions is also important and it can be difficult for people with developmental disabilities to understand fully how to do those things. Practicing with habilitation specialists helps a lot. Your family member may also gain experience in making decisions and solving problems, which also helps when interacting with other people.

Building Independence with ADLs

Activities of daily living, also called ADLs, may be one of the areas in which your family member needs the most help. These types of activities involve tasks such as personal hygiene, chores around the house, and making and eating meals. Basically, any types of activities that are helpful in daily life fall under this category. These are also activities your family member needs to be able to handle easily without much prompting in order to gain more independence.

Managing Disability-specific Concerns

There may be other tasks and activities your family member needs assistance with that vary due to the disabilities she faces and the specific skills that she needs and wants to master. Some of those might involve finding and keeping a job, improving motor skills, or learning how to use public transportation. There can be a lot of different skills that fall under this category.

Residential habilitation can be the key to your family member being able to improve independence. This can be a huge overarching goal for your family member and all of the small steps that add up to meeting that goal are so important.

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