It can be difficult for a family member with developmental disabilities to get the hang of cooking. Habilitation services and wellness coordination can shorten that learning curve for your family member by helping her to learn what she needs to know and repeating the tasks with her until she’s got them mastered. As she learns how to prepare her own meals, she’ll feel more independent and better able to participate in her own are.

Teaches about Nutrition

Nutritional balance is a difficult topic for anyone to master, but your family member with developmental disabilities might find it especially difficult to understand why nutrition is so important. RHS can help your family member to understand why it’s important to eat things she likes, but to include those with fruits and vegetables, too. That’s the basis of starting to eat healthier.

Assists with Simple Meal Preparation

Simple meal preparation might have been outside of your family member’s skillset for a long time, but that doesn’t mean she can never learn how to put a meal together. With help from residential habilitation services, your family member can learn what tools she needs to assemble a meal for herself. Mixing prepared foods with cooking simple dishes that she’s able to cook can help her to get more nutrients into her diet.

Educates about All the Steps Involved

There’s more involved than just opening the refrigerator and eating, of course. RHS can help your family member to learn more about planning meals for a few days, shopping for the food she needs, and then cleaning up afterward. Adding those steps as your family member is able to do so allows her to continue to grow her abilities and master more skills along the way.

Offers Help Along the Way

Your family member doesn’t have to worry that she’ll be left on her own with these tasks, even after she’s learned them. Habilitation specialists are right there with her, prompting her if she needs extra assistance. If she runs into any roadblocks in the form of skills she hasn’t mastered yet, they’re there for her for that, too. Your family member can lean on the help she’s getting when she’s not confident and stand on her own when she is.
RHS can help your family member to make much bigger strides toward eating healthier than you or she might have thought possible. Soon enough she’ll feel empowered by all that she’s learning and accomplishing.

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