Five Ways Participant Assistance and Care Helps Your Family Member

One of the features of residential habilitation is Participant Assistance and Care, or PAC. PAC services focus on helping your family member in a variety of different ways.

Assistance with Mobility Issues

If your family member has mobility issues, that can be difficult to manage at times. PAC services can help your family member to learn to use new assistive devices and can help with transfers. Some particularly difficult transfers might be from a wheelchair to the bathtub, for instance, and having assistance makes this much safer and easier. This type of assistance can also help your family member to feel more secure out and about in public.

Help with Errands

Something else that can be difficult for your family member to manage can be regular errands. Grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and other routine tasks can be much more complicated for your family member. With a little bit of help, though, those tasks can be accomplished in a much shorter amount of time and with much less frustration for your family member.

Assistance with Complicated Life Tasks

Some tasks are more complicated, but they’re still routine and need to be handled. Things like handling mail, especially important mail that requires a response, and paying bills may be part of what your family member needs help managing. PAC services can help with these, ensuring that your family member isn’t struggling with them alone.

Supervision and Companionship During Outings

If your family member has appointments and activities to attend, it might be a good idea to have someone go along for assistance and for companionship. Participant Assistance and Care can help with this, ensuring that your family member is in good hands while out and about. If the trip becomes overwhelming in any way, someone is with your family member and can ensure that everything is fine.

Help with Completing a Set Group of Tasks

Sometimes there might be a set of tasks or a list that needs to be completed by your family member. Having someone available to provide verbal and visual prompts may be just the answer to ensure that the list does indeed get completed. This can be tremendously empowering for your family member, because being able to complete a complex set of necessary tasks is definitely an accomplishment.

There are so many other ways that PAC can help your family member to be able to manage and to cope with the activities of daily life on a regular basis. Your family member may need more assistance with some tasks at certain points than at others, and goals can be adjusted accordingly.

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