Todd Stallings, Residential Services Inc. on WISH-TV

American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) represents disability service providers before Congress and recently studied the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on providers of service to the Disabled.

Residential Services Inc (RSI) is one of many companies coping with COVID-19. Safety measures and regulations have changed the way people do their jobs. Although different, representatives say the jobs will get done.

“We’ve been very blessed that they’ve stayed healthy,” said RSI vice president Todd Stallings, referring to individuals with disabilities served by RSI.

The staff at RSI makes sure clients are kept as safe as they can, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and social distancing. Their main job is assisting those who are intellectually disabled to get the help they need to stay in their own homes.

“They’re used to staff taking them out, having them socialize, letting them go to the store, the movies and do things like that. It’s hard for some of them to understand why they can’t do those things,” said Stallings.

The ANCOR survey shows companies like RSI face challenges with staffing, getting personal protection equipment and overcoming financial blows.

“We use PPE and we had all the same problems that hospitals had and doctors’ offices, so we were actually kind of competing with them to get equipment,” Stallings said.

Data from that same study shows out of the companies surveyed 68% report having to eliminate or minimize some of its services. Thirty-two percent report revenue losses, while just over half report increased overtime expenses. RSI has so far been able to maintain it’s operations, and is even seeking additional help to meet the needs of their clients.

“We have immediate needs for day and night shifts.” Stallings stated, adding that applications can be submitted directly through the website at