One of the benefits of RHS is that habilitation can help you and your family member to get the assistance that you need, particularly through a myriad of therapy programs. The different types of therapy all meet different needs, some of which may be revisited multiple times as your family member masters some goals and finds a need for new goals.

Speech Therapy

Problems communicating are often misinterpreted as challenging behaviors, which can lead to consequences that no one truly intends. Beyond communication challenges, some adults with developmental disabilities may have difficulty swallowing, which can sometimes be helped through speech therapy. A speech therapist can assess what is happening as your family member talks and develop a plan of action to help her to learn new ways of forming letters and words.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services for adults with developmental disabilities can help with problems related to functional mobility, pain management, and even other issues, such as respiratory support. There are other areas in which physical therapy may be helpful, too, especially in situations in which health needs dictate that your family member become more active, as safely as possible. The exercises and activities recommended in physical therapy can help your family member to become stronger and better able to meet new challenges.

Occupational Therapy

Much of habilitation revolves around some of the same processes as occupational therapy. Activities in occupational therapy might include mastering a morning routine, including getting up, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and everything else that goes along with those activities. Occupational therapists help their clients to understand and to be able to handle these tasks with greater ease. Treatment starts with an assessment of your family member’s needs and then an outline of goals and activities.

Behavioral Treatment

Depending on your family member’s ability to communicate what’s going on or, more accurately, what might be going wrong for her, sometimes behavioral changes and difficulties are one of the only means she has of communicating that something isn’t working. That doesn’t mean that this is effective everywhere and in every situation for her. Behavioral treatment can help your family member to learn new techniques when she’s overwhelmed or when something isn’t okay for her.

Your family member may need some or all of these therapy programs at various points in her experience with habilitation services. They can all serve her well as she learns the skills that she needs to learn in order to thrive and to achieve even more.

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