Wellness Coordination in Greenfield IN
Wellness Coordination in Greenfield IN

Children with Down syndrome are already fighting a big battle, but they can be more susceptible to other ailments, as well. Thyroid conditions are just one example. Recognizing the signs can be tricky, especially since your child’s thyroid can be underactive, overactive, or there may be other issues.

Thyroid Disease Can Be Tough to Recognize

There’s a lot that changes for all kids from day to day, even for kids with Down syndrome. Some of the characteristics that are part of Down syndrome could “hide” thyroid symptoms. Also, if your child has other health issues, those could be more obvious or demanding than the issues she’s having with her thyroid.

Unexpected Weight Changes May Be at Play

Thyroid issues tend to come with dramatic weight changes because of how the thyroid regulates some of the aspects that go along with both weight loss and weight gain. If your child’s weight changes dramatically in one direction or another and there were no plans for that to happen, her thyroid may be driving some of those changes.

Kids with Thyroid Disease Might Be Fatigued

If your child’s thyroid is a little sluggish, meaning that she’s tending toward hypothyroidism, she might be a lot more tired than usual. It might be tough for her to wake up in the morning or from naps. You might also start to notice that even if she’s sleeping more than usual, she seems to have far less energy than she usually does.

Temperature Intolerance Is Common

Something else that the thyroid helps to regulate is internal temperature. When the thyroid isn’t working the way that it should, your child may start to feel more uncomfortable than usual in warmer temperatures or she may express that she’s cold far more often. For instance, you might perceive the room as warm, but your child wants to bundle up.

Your Child Could Have Trouble Concentrating

Because there’s so much that the thyroid affects, there are also symptoms that might be more difficult to attribute to a medical issue. For example, you might start to notice that your child is having more trouble concentrating than usual. That can be because of learning difficulties associated with Down syndrome, but it can also be associated with thyroid changes.

Your child may have more going on in addition to Down syndrome and thyroid issues. Having pediatric home care providers helping you to keep up with all of the details involved in her care can make a huge difference in making sure you’re on top of everything.

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