As you’re looking for solutions to help a family member with developmental disabilities, one answer that might be beneficial is residential habilitation services. This is a specific type of assistance that supports your family member and teaches him how to deal with the challenges of daily living.

RHS Is Assistance Provided Where Your Family Member Lives

One important factor of residential habilitation services is that they’re provided where your family member lives. That means that as your family member learns various skills, he’ll be able to apply them later in a familiar setting. That can be an important factor in cementing that new information. Your family member may be more likely to be able to repeat the skills he’s learning when he’s continuing to perform those same tasks in the same environment.

RHS Helps with Daily Living Activities

RHS teaches your family member how to perform a variety of daily tasks. That might involve learning how to prepare meals or even specific recipes or dishes. Other daily living tasks could be included, too. Skills such as hygiene, paying bills, learning how to budget, and so much more can all be part of what your family member needs to learn. New skills can become a part of the routine as your family member is ready to add them to the repertoire.

Social Skills and Community Involvement Are a Part, Too

But there’s more to residential habilitation. Many people with developmental disabilities find that interacting with other community members and understanding social skills are difficult. There are so many small details that can be confusing about interacting with other people and developmental difficulties make that even more complicated. Learning these skills from someone that your family member trusts can be a huge help.

The Type of Support Varies Depending on Individual Needs

Something to consider is that your family member may need more help with certain skills and tasks than with others. That’s something that’s easy to customize with residential habilitation services. The goals of the program are flexible to account for what your family member needs most at any given time. The amount of help can increase or decrease, depending on needs.

No matter what types of assistance your family member needs, residential habilitation may be able to assist. The program can adjust to meet him where he is, which is a crucial part of providing the support that your family needs.

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