If your family member is developmentally disabled, you may have worried that she would never learn simple skills, like cooking even a basic meal for herself. With the help of habilitation services, your family member can learn these skills and many more. What she may need to do is to practice these skills over and over again until she’s got them mastered.

Deciding What Foods or Meals to Prepare

Understanding what foods are healthy choices and determining what meals or recipes your family member wants to make can be quite a process. She might want to learn to make basic foods, like canned soup or grilled cheese sandwiches. More complicated dishes are possible, too. Learning to make these decisions is important.

Planning a Shopping Trip

Once your family member knows what she’s going to cook, she needs to put together a shopping list and plan a trip. This might involve checking the fridge and pantry for necessary ingredients that are already on hand, making sure those foods are still good to use, and keeping track of what’s still needed.

Getting the Necessary Ingredients

Planning the trip is just the beginning. Shopping can be intimidating because grocery stores are full of lots of different stimuli that can make decisions difficult. Habilitation helps your family member to learn how to use a shopping list and where to go in the store to get the necessary food items.

Putting Foods Away

Once the shopping trip is over, the foods need to be stored properly in order to be ready to use later. Learning which foods can go in the pantry and which need cold storage might be something that has been difficult for your family member in the past. Matching those ingredients with the proper storage now means also being able to find them later.

Finally Cooking the Meal and Eating

Now that everything is home from the store, the next step is learning how to put those ingredients together into the meal that your family member wants to be able to make. Afterward, there’s enjoying the fruits of all that labor and cleaning up.

There’s a lot that goes into cooking even a simple meal and those skills are ones that your developmentally disabled family member can learn with time and practice. Residential habilitation services offer the patience and the experience that your family member needs in order to master these new skills.

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