Residential Habilitation in Brownsburg IN
Residential Habilitation in Brownsburg IN

People with developmental disabilities can still live normal, full lives, but they may need a little bit of extra help in order to make that happen. Residential habilitation can help your family member to find a job that meets her needs and that she enjoys. Here are just a few of the ways that habilitation can make a difference in your family member’s job search.

Refining the Employment Goal

Just getting a job is one type of goal, but it might need to be narrowed down a bit. If your family member doesn’t know what type of job she wants, for instance, it can help to refine that goal. Exploring what she intends to do, going to career fairs, and learning more about various types of jobs can be really helpful for her.

Exploring Job Opportunities and Shadowing Workers with Residential Habilitation

Once the goal is refined, it can help a lot for your family member to have help exploring those job opportunities further. It may even be possible for your family member to shadow someone who is already doing that type of job and therefore learn even more about what might be expected. This can help your family member to get a realistic idea of what work and having a job may be like.

Learning about Benefits, Financial Management, and More

There’s much more to jobs than just showing up and working, too. There are benefits, large and small, and managing that paycheck as it comes in is another skill that your family member needs to learn. All of this can happen with repetition and with someone helping her to learn how this works and what she needs to do.

Going through the Process of Finding a Job

The actual process of finding a job is something that isn’t exactly intuitive, either. It helps to have someone walking your family member through the process and making sure that she’s learning what to do along the way. Once your family member does get hired, it can be confusing to make sure that she onboards properly, too. All of that is something that residential habilitation experts can roleplay with her beforehand.

Residential habilitation can help your family member with this goal and with so many more. If you or she are uncertain about what her goals should be, they can help with that, too. Habilitation is there to help your family member to be able to get the type of job that she needs and wants.

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