Summer is the perfect time to explore different and interesting activities at home and in your area. Your special needs children may need special accommodations for some of these activities, but with help, they’re all possible.

Sensory Play

Sensory play is an awful lot of fun and it can help your special needs children to learn so much about the world around them. Some of the examples of sensory play you might use could involve sand or water tables, or playing with bubbles. Other objects, like dried beans, cloud dough, or even shaving cream, can add variety and fun to sensory play.

Art Activities

There are any number of art activities that even special needs children can create and enjoy. Using chalk on a variety of types of surfaces, finger painting, and even making small sculptures from clay is easy and fun. These types of activities allow your child to stretch her creativity and explore the world around her.

Imagination Play

Older kids might enjoy imagination play. This might mean building a fort out of couch cushions or blankets and inventing a story around the fort. Or you might pretend that you’re all going camping and set up a tent. The play can be as detailed and as imaginative as your child wants it to be.

Local Museums or Zoos

If your children are in the mood for getting out of the house and the weather is cooperative, you might want to try heading to zoos or museums in your area. There are so many different learning opportunities in both of these locations and every time you go you can see something a little bit different. Children’s museums also often have exhibits and areas especially for children with special needs.

The Library

Your local library has story times for children, but they may also have special programs that your children might find particularly interesting. Talk to the children’s librarian at your local library and see if they have information about those programs and what you need to do in order to sign your child up for them.

Much of this can depend on the age and the needs of your child. If it’s difficult to manage some of these activities on your own, home care services for children can make the process easier on both you and your special needs child. This might be especially helpful if your child uses equipment or assistive devices that are complicated.

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