It’s not always easy to discern when a child is having trouble with her vision. It can be even more difficult for parents of special needs children because your child may not communicate in the same ways as other children might. That means that you might need to watch for clues that let you know your child is having trouble.

Squinting or Tilting Her Head

When your child squints or tilts her head at different angles when she’s looking at something, it’s possible that she’s trying to see more clearly. This might appear to work for her, but it doesn’t really solve the underlying problem, of course. Your child might put herself in uncomfortable positions for longer periods of time simply because she’s trying to see better.

Rubbing Her Eyes

Moving her head or squinting her eyes may not work for long, so your child might resort to rubbing her eyes often to try to improve her vision. She might also do this because trying so very hard to see well can cause headaches and even pain in her eyes. Rubbing her eyes may be your child’s only way to try to make them ache less.

Squeezing Her Eyes Shut

If your child doesn’t have strong motor skills or is unable to rub her eyes, you may notice that she often squeezes her eyes shut. She might hold them tightly shut for a little while and then blink rapidly. This is another effort on her part to try to clear blurry vision and allow her to see what she’s trying to look at.

Eyes that Seem to Wander or to Lose Focus

As you watch your child in the process of different activities, you might see that her eyes seem to lose focus a bit or wander a bit. This can be a sign that she’s not able to see well and that her eyes are trying to compensate a bit. Noting when this happens in particular can be good information for you to share with her eye doctor during an exam.

Eye doctors for special needs children may recommend eye exams more often in order to help spot potential problems more quickly. They can also give you other tips for recognizing eye trouble quickly in your child. This is especially helpful if your child has more than one special need because the tips are more tailored for her condition.

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