Residential habilitation services are an excellent way for a family member with developmental disabilities to master the skills necessary to become more independent at home. But you might be wondering how RHS providers know what to focus on and how to help your family member in the best ways possible. Setting appropriate goals is important, and there’s a process that helps to ensure that happens.

The Biggest Goal Is Always Independence at Home

At its core, residential habilitation services are about helping your family member to be as independent as possible at home. That’s the main, overarching goal. Everything else springs from that one goal and is somehow related to making sure that one piece is improved in some way, shape, or form. As you narrow down other goals, you’ll see how they’re related to that one intention.

Assessments and Results Factor into the Goals

It’s possible that your family member may need an initial assessment. This is a way to look at what skills are needed, which are already in place, and where to go from here. Initial assessments aren’t about causing stress for your family member or pointing out failures. They’re about getting an accurate picture of where things stand right now.

Specific Goals Come from Needs

The assessments help to determine exactly where your family member needs the most help. For instance, if personal care tasks are already under control but food preparation skills aren’t, that’s going to help shape the future goals and tasks. There are a wide range of skills that RHS can help your family member with, from bathing and dressing to doing laundry and interacting with other people in the community.

Progress Is Tracked and Adjusted

In order to make sure that the residential habilitation program is meeting your family member’s needs, her progress is tracked and the goals are adjusted as needed. This helps to ensure that your family member is truly making progress toward mastering the skills that she finds most challenging. As she does so, she takes even more steps closer to being as independent at home as she can be.

Residential habilitation services give your family member a way to master personal skills that she’ll need both now and later in her life. She may not master these skills at the same speed as other people do, but she’ll be able to get there with specialized help that meets her where she is.

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