Learning to manage in the community when also dealing with developmental disabilities is not easy to do. Your family member may find that having help from residential habilitation services gives her the time and the assistance she needs to be able to feel more comfortable exploring her community.

Developing Necessary Daily Skills

Being out in public requires your family member to have some skills mastered that can be complicated to manage at first. Things like remembering phone numbers and handling money and change may seem easy to you now, but with practice you mastered them. Habilitation offers your family member the chance to practice all of these skills and more as many times as necessary to feel comfortable with them.

Learning How to Socialize with Others

Socializing can be difficult for people who have developmental disabilities. The rules of socializing with other people are confusing and they may involve actions and skills that your family member doesn’t yet possess. Residential habilitation can help your family member to practice these skills, learn how to communicate effectively, and learn what’s expected by most people out in the world at large.

Managing Grooming and Other Aspects of Personal Care

Feeling her best when she’s out in the community can come down to being more comfortable with certain aspects of personal care for your family member. When she’s able to do things like groom herself properly, eat in public, and find the bathroom when she needs it, that’s going to help her to feel more comfortable when she’s out in the community. These skills, like so many others, come more readily with lots of practice and reinforcement.

Personalized Goals and Plans to Meet Individual Needs

The most important part of habilitation is that the goals and the plans are personalized to meet your family member’s needs. As your family member masters certain skills, it’s easy to shift gears and to either move on to the next level of that group of skills or start trying something new. Everything is tailored to what your family member most needs to learn or to master to feel comfortable participating in her community.

Residential habilitation is about helping your family member to gather the tools she needs to be able to venture into community settings and feel comfortable doing so. That alone can open up so many different opportunities for her to meet people and to find new activities.

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